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2017 School Year: Parents in Bangkok to Spend THB27 Billion, Up 4% YoY (Current Issue No. 2843)

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We at KResearch have conducted a behavioral survey on parents in Greater Bangkok during the 2017 school year and found that a majority of them viewed that the Thai economy is either remaining static or improving. Also, the poll shows that most of the respondents (62 percent) are not concerned about their finances during the 2017 school year. Of those respondents, a majority places greater importance on extra-curricular activities (music and sports), special activities at schools and supplementary tutoring for their children than last year.
In addition, most respondents have not reduced educational expenses for their children this time around; 80 percent of them will pay educational expenses fees from their savings, suggesting that they are better prepared financially.
KResearch expects that parents in Greater Bangkok will spend around THB27 billion during the 2017 new school year, up 4 percent YoY, driven by tuition and supplementary tutoring for their children.
Education-related businesses, including merchandisers, distributors, plus tutorial and extra-curricular schools seem not to have increased the prices for their products and services to retain customers and benefit from the spending spree prior to the opening of the 2017 school year.