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Greetings everyone!  In my last article, I wrote about the President's decision to end the immigration policy known as the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program or "DACA".  For those of you that missed my previous article, DACA was established in June of 2012 by former President Barack Obama, thereby allowing certain individuals who had entered the country illegally as minors to obtain a renewable 2 year period of deferred action from any deportation action as well as the ability to acquire a work permit. As I mentioned, Trump rescinded this program earlier this month (Tuesday, September 5, 2017), however providing a 6 month moratorium. During this 6 month period, Congress and/or the President may work to either save DACA as is, to reform the immigration policy in some other way, or to not act at all and allow DACA to expire.



Since last week, I have heard some talk that Trump and Congressional leaders have been negotiating and may be reaching a deal to save, if not all, some form of DACA and the hundreds of thousands of "DREAMers".  Although this is just talk, if true, it is at least something we all can hope and cheer for. Let's hope this talk becomes a reality and something is truly done to protect those benefiting from DACA. In either case, rest assured that I will be updating you to any new developments.



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